Marketing Tool-Kit Part 2


In a second part of our marketing toolkit review we will cover lead generation, infographics, social media management and PR channels.

Lead generation

Let’s start with the basics. The Lead is a person or a company that is in some way interested in your product or service. To generate the Lead, you need to find unique and engaging techniques to attract that prospecting customer and appeal to them so they will eventually purchase from you. Lead generation fall under “acquisition” part of a customer life cycle

Create E-zine, newsletter or white papers to give away to your potential customers and ask for their name and email address so you can follow up later.

  • Convert PDF to a beautiful flipbook with Flipbook or Flipsnack.
  • Ask your website visitors to sign up for a newsletter, more about email marketing in our Email Marketing section
  • Sign up as an advertiser to an affiliate programme at Tradedoubler, WebGains or Commission Junction to gain new customers


Present and share your research or ideas with beautiful infographics. Ideal for increasing your social media engagement.

  • Venngage – share inforgraphics for free; publish and download for as little as $19 per month
  • – free graphics and easy download, upgrade for Pro for $3 per month

Social Media Management

Social media is the best way to engage with your audience on much more personal level. You will be tempted to sign up with all social networks available but that also means a lot of similar updates on several different platforms. It might become too time consuming and in turn might put you off doing it altogether. Luckily there are few life-lines for every budding marketer.

  • Hootsuite – start for free with up to three accounts and upgrade when you need it. Post same update to all social networks at once. Job done. Schedule messages, track what your current and potential customers are saying about you and measure the impact of your social media campaigns. Sign up for a free 30 day trial of the Hootsuite Pro
  • Sprout Social – Sprout combines social media engagement, publishing and analytics for use across departments to increase the efficiency of marketing efforts, it helps grow sales and provide remarkable customer support. Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sprout Social
  • TweedDeck – organise your Twitter account with this powerful tool. Organise and manage custom timelines, schedule posts, manage Twitter account with multiple people, filter searches based on criteria like engagement, users or content type.
  • Buffer – another tool to allow you to schedule and share online post on social media.

PR Channels

PR is a practice of using free media publicity (print, internet, TV) to gain exposure for your company or brand by providing a news item or a public interest topic. By using a few PR campaigns, you can give your company much needed reputation boost that no paid advertising could offer.

There are two ways around it. First is to tell the press about your business and product launch, company growth, prepare an industry research or interesting information about a market, having your company connected to any of the topics.

The second is to build a relationship with influencers and bloggers within your industry. Often they will be looking for free but relevant content to write on their blogs and websites. If you get mentioned, make sure they include tracking link to your website as this can also help with your SEO rankings.

Here are just few tools to help you:

  • LinkedIn – join groups of interests, publish articles, gain followers, share content
  • PR Newswire – send press release, target news publications and bloggers, financial portals and content syndication channels to help you reach your target audience
  • HARO – Help A Reporter Out is a website connecting news source to international journalists
  • Response Source – for a small fee, you can spread the word around the world
  • Kred for Brands – Kred for brands allow you to access Kred community of influencers, create content for bloggers to download and drive traffic to your website

If you need help to navigate between Kred and Flipsnack, give us a call to get your free assessment. We’re here to help you in your journey.