Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than just your company name, logo and the slogan.

It is also emotions and associations that come with it. The promise and a vision, the concept and values.

Think for a moment of your favourite sweet. Did you think of your favourite brand? Or what will come to your mind when I say search engine? And how about sports shoes? A car? Or a vacuum cleaner? We all think about brands as products and have a clear understanding what they mean and do. All the emotions when it comes to the brand, the associations and awareness is called a brand identity.

To build a strong brand is a lengthy and difficult process and there is no quick fix. From here you will need to start thinking of your brand as:

  • Product
  • Organisation
  • Person
  • Symbol

Think of perceived quality (is your brand cheap or expensive?), brand awareness (do people recognise my brand and if not, how to make them to do so?), brand loyalty (are your customers coming back for more?) and brand associations (what comes to mind when I think of the brand? what are emotional benefits of the brand?).

One of the first things to remember is that a brand’s perceived quality has proven to be a brand asset and linked to increased financial performance. So where should you start? Well, you can start from your customers. Ask your customers what do they think about you, where could you improve and what are the reasons for return or indeed its lack.

At GEC we can help you organise surveys and feedback. Look at your processes and see if we can find gaps where you could improve. If you are a startup, we will help you define the processes to start with and help you to monitor and control.

We can also look into your brand and do a health check, develop a strategy and control mechanism. Contact us for more info.