Product Strategy

Product strategy starts with the customer’s need.

Do you have that great product idea but not sure where to start? Maybe you developed that ideal product you think everyone will want but no one actually bought it? Or you did all your research and found the gap in the market. Your product fits and should kick of because, of course, everybody needs it. So where it went wrong?

This is a probably that million dollar question. There are many different reasons, maybe your products are too ahead of their time or maybe just simply not user friendly?

To understand this think of two products: a scalpel and a Swiss army knife. Two very similar products but so different. A scalpel – easy to market, does exactly what it says on the tin, quick to build and test. A Swiss army knife on the other hand is a lot more complicated. Has so many functions that is difficult to explain and understand and needs a lot of research and development.

Your product strategy will define which route should you go, find the best product options and usability factors.

We can help you define roadmap planning, product positioning and promotional tactics. In coordination with Marketing and Brand strategy we will get you on top of the market.