Working Together

Finding a best way to get help when the budget is tight is a challenge. We offer a flexible consulting and revenue share options to best fit your company needs. You can choose either from one of the following or a combination of few.

  • First 30 minute free consultation, book here
  • One off consulting – One to two days workshop, where we can help you establish initial marketing plan, go with you through the process of acquiring new customers and ways to retain them, discuss your needs and ways to achieve your goals.
  • Regular consulting – weekly or monthly meetings, depending on your needs, helping you go through the process of implementing your strategy, tactics, digital roadmaps, media schedules, editorial calendars resource allocation and regular control. It’s like having your own CMO for a fraction of a cost. 
  • Revenue share option – we can help you finding new ways to acquire customers, this way we could offer you a revenue share model, when we get paid only if we gain more customers for you.

Book your first free 30 minute consultation to discuss a best option for you.